Wild & Scatter Combos on New NetEnt Slots

When it comes to playing online slots for the first time there are a few things that players should consider before spinning the reels. Game developers such as Net Entertainment incorporate specific items into their games so we thought we would compile a small guide for the benefit of the new player looking to try out some new NetEnt slots for the first time. There are certain rules and structures to most new NetEnt slots and players should consider the bonus features that are offered on these games also.

Wild Symbols on New NetEnt Slots

Arguably, the most well-known symbol on slot machines is the wild symbol. The wild symbol is essentially a bonus icon in a game that replaces others on the reel. The wild symbol can help new NetEnt slots players win big when it appears as it helps complete a winning line from an otherwise non-winning combination. The wild symbol can often be spotted by having the word “WILD” displayed across it so these symbols are very important to your general base game play when you spin new NetEnt slots.
The wild symbol can also activate some of the bonus features on new NetEnt slots in certain cases and on progressive new NetEnt slots the wild symbol can also trigger the progressive mini-game which is the key to winning the biggest jackpot that some games have to offer. However, in some cases, some slots will not have a wild symbol at all although this is rare for modern and new NetEnt slots. The wild mainly affects the base gameplay but it is not the only bonus symbol that can help you win big. Another symbol to look out for is known as the scatter and this is also important for new players.

Scatter Symbol on New NetEnt Slots

The scatter symbol is a key component to a lot of the gameplay within new NetEnt slots and can also trigger a range of bonuses. The most common bonus is the inclusion of free spins and free spins are usually offered when a player can land at least 3 scatter symbols on a spin of a slot machine. This rings true for Net Entertainment games with most new NetEnt slots having a scatter symbol included to help players pick up some free spins from time to time. The scatter symbol is also sometimes referred to as the bonus symbol.
While free spins are important, new NetEnt slots sometimes utilise the scatter symbol as a means of triggering additional bonus rounds such as the Prize Pick feature so the scatter is just as important as the wild symbol in most NetEnt slot games. When you begin playing a slot, examining the symbols and learning how they work is a great way to begin playing the game. Once you have a grasp of how symbols operate you can use them to win big and hopefully you will accumulate some cash jackpot prizes.