How to Play Live Casino Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the less popular casino games out there but it appears as a fixture in many live casino areas. This game is interesting but for some it lacks the appeal of poker or roulette. If you’ve ever wondered how to play live casino baccarat then this is your chance to find out.

Betting on Live Casino Baccarat

Just like most games that you can play in a live casino, you bet in baccarat by adding chips to the board. Unlike some other games, baccarat only has one round of betting, so you don’t add to your bet later down the line.
This game is simple to play and live casino baccarat is one of the easiest ones that you can experiment with in a casino. The rules are laid out in the paytable, which you can view before you start to play.

What Makes Live Casino Baccarat Unique

The most unique aspect of this game is that it is a live casino card game in which the player can’t make their own decisions. Both the player and the dealer are bound by a set of rules that are dependent on the cards that they are dealt. They do not work autonomously or make any decisions for themselves.