Evaluating Online Casino Welcome Offers

A great online casino offer is an enticing draw. Many a player has been swayed by a welcome offer.

However, if you’re new to the world of online casino games then the whole process may be slightly overwhelming. So, we’re breaking down exactly what you can expect from a welcome offer. We’ll also be highlighting some other important aspects that you should never overlook.

What Can I Expect from an Online Casino Welcome Offer?

Welcome offers tend to mean bonuses. There are two main types that are used as an incentive to join, the first is a no deposit bonus and the second is a deposit bonus.
A no deposit bonus is a reward in casino credit that you receive upon joining. By joining, we mean filling out the membership registration form and attaching a valid payment method. The amount of bonus credit that you receive typically tends to be quite low. However, many online casino players are still happy with this offer as it allows them to play for real money without wagering any of their own cash.

A deposit bonus is a bonus that you’ll generally receive whenever you make your first deposit. Therefore, you will have to stake some of your own cash in order to receive it. However, the amount that you receive is generally higher than with a no-deposit bonus.
With each type of bonus, you’ll be able to play games on the site. The credit is not restricted to use on a particular game. Just pick one that interests you and have a go!

What Other Aspects Should I Pay Attention to at an Online Casino?

Whilst the welcome offer is likely to be appealing, players should always be aware that there is more to a site than this. You should pay particular attention to the different promotions available to existing players and the terms and conditions.
Unfortunately, there are online casinos out there that only have a welcome promotion to offer. We’ve seen it more often than we’d like. However, in order for an online casino to be competitive, it must have plenty to keep its members engaged. This can include things like a VIP scheme, loyalty rewards or seasonal promotions.
Terms and conditions are crucially important. Here you’ll find what you can expect from an online casino, in reward for your custom. You’ll also find information relating to wagering requirements, deposit limits and withdrawal processing times. All of these are crucially important and can affect your user experience at an online casino. Pay particular attention to wagering requirements as these could adversely affect the value of a promotion.
We hope that we’ve conveyed that although welcome offers are important, there are other aspects that determine the worth of an online casino. Never just make a decision to join based on the promise of bonus credit. Always check the terms and conditions for the fine print. This way, you’re less likely to be caught out by a rogue wagering requirement!